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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Misandry on Campus

Bob was once again reminded recently about the ongoing misandrist discrimination that is pervasive in schools and colleges across America. Education in the USA would appear to be required to be provided without discrimination based on sex, for that is the clear wording of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act as amended.

Nevertheless, and in flagrant, public and notorious flouting of the law, over 700 colleges and universities in the USA offer “Women’s Studies” programs but not one offers an equivalent “Men’s Studies” program.

Hundreds of colleges and Universities offer additional special help and support for women that is denied to men. Frequently it is called “The Women’s Center” or similar. None has a “Men’s Center” offering equal support for men.

Flagrant discrimination continues in the college and university offices of student financial aid. Most continue to award women far more financial aid and support than they give to men.

The English Departments at virtually all American colleges and Universities teach “feminist theory” but none teach “masculinist theory.”

National education organizations supported by Universities such as the “Conference on College Composition and Communication” continue to hold lectures and publish papers on “women’s issues” but none on “men’s issues.”

Hiring of faculty and staff at colleges and universities since Title IX was enacted has been very biased in favor of female applicants.

University medical schools continue to devote far more of their research funding to breast cancer and diseases affecting women, than to men. Almost no research is done on birth control products for men. Meanwhile men suffer higher rates of death from all deadly diseases and women continue to live 10% longer than men. Many colleges are currently promoting “Women’s Health Month.” Bob is not aware of any college that sponsors a “Men’s Health Month.”

Despite the flagrant, public, and open flouting of Title IX by virtually every college and university in the USA, the only place where our government does any enforcement of the law is in the one place where men have been allowed to work to earn their college education, the sports program. Men have been and are routinely discriminated against at the financial aid office. One way that thousands of poor and otherwise unfunded men have been able to attend college has been to sacrifice their bodies playing in one of the major sports programs. That one small slice of university life has been severely curtailed by the government as a Title IX enforcement. Men’s sports programs have been cut back at almost every large university, and women have been actively recruited in order to “balance” the sports programs.

Title IX does not mention sports programs. Title IX is about educational programs. Title IX requires equal education in the educational part of the college and university. It is time to demand that our government enforce the law. It is time to confront sexist bigot college and university administrations and professors about their open flouting of Title IX all over campus. It’s time for our colleges and universities to end their systematic and pervasive open illegal discrimination against men.

If you are associated with a college or university you can take action to bring these illegal sexist practices out into the public eye. If your English professor starts on “feminist theory” demand that “masculinist theory” also be taught. When your college promotes “Women’s Health Month” ask when their equal promotion of “Men’s Health Month” is going to be held. Demand that they provide you with a “Men’s Center” of equal size and funding to their “Women’s Center” and if it is not provided file an official complaint with the US Department of Education under Title IX. Demand a “Men’s Studies” minor with equal funding and staff equal to the Women’s Studies department, and again file a legal complaint and a public complaint. Ask for statistics from the financial aid office regarding funding vs. sex of students. If they won’t provide data assume that it’s discriminatory and file a complaint.

It is time for MEN to begin reclaiming our colleges and universities from the misandrist sexist bigots who now run them.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Senator Craig -- HUH?

Bob has been considering the many news stories about the arrest of Senator Craig (R-ID) while changing planes in an airport in Minnesota. Read Story

If you read the US Constitution, Senators enjoy protection from arrest when traveling back and forth between the US Senate and their home state. From the US Constitution,
Article I, Section 6. The Senators and Representatives shall .... in all cases, except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same;

So Senator Craig appears to be exempt or “privileged” from arrest in Minneapolis Minnesota while changing planes on his way home to Idaho. But was the arrest for one of the exceptions to the immunity from arrest, charge for a felony or breach of the peace? He pled guilty to disorderly conduct under MSS 609.72. Is that a felony or breach of the peace? No, it is not. Read Statute According to the Minnesota statute, disorderly conduct is defined as action that might cause a breach of the peace. Therefore it is not a breach of the peace by statute. Neither is it a felony. The arrest report from the arresting blue gun thug, Sgt. Karsinia, lists both Disorderly Conduct and Interference with Privacy (MSS 609.746) as the alleged crimes to be filed as formal complaints. Neither of these laws is a felony or breach of he peace. Read Arrest Report

To Bob’s practical mind it appears that the plain language of the US Constitution disallows the blue gun thugs from arresting Senator Craig while traveling through Minneapolis, Minnesota on his way back and forth from his home state of Idaho to the US Senate in Washington, DC. The arrest was unconstitutional on its face. Blue gun thug Sgt. Karsinia violated his Constitutional rights by illegally arresting him. The agent of Satan in black robes of hell was in criminal violation of the US Constitution when he entered a plea and fined Senator Craig $500. Both of these criminals should be immediately arrested and prosecuted for their criminal violation of the US Constitution.

Regular readers of The World According to Bob will know that Bob does not generally excuse pervert rump riders. The thought of public rump riding in airport restrooms is a gorss violation of the rights of normal decent men. Nevertheless, you can not fight perversion and crime by committing criminal acts. In the case of Senator Craig, the blue gun thugs of Minneapolis were committing crimes against the people of the United States in clear violation of the US Constitution, and so was the evil agent of Satan in black robes of hell. Craig’s fine should immediately be refunded along with a formal apology and compensatory financial damages.

Since Senator Craig represents the people of the State of Idaho, the arrest was a criminal assault on all the people of Idaho. The Governor of Idaho should demand that the Governor of Minnesota apologize for the criminal assault on Idaho by his state government subdivisions. The apology of the State of Minnesota should not be delayed. The criminals who arrested and persecuted Senator Craig should be caught and hung.

The reason for the “privilege” from arrest for Senators and Congressmen in the Constitution was the fear that dirty politics of the day would result in the politically motivated arrest of Senators and Congressmen while they traveled through other districts back and forth from their homes to the Congress. Even today there are those astute observers who suspect that the illegal arrest of Senator Craig was motivated by something more than just a pervert in a blue suit’s psychosexual fascination with men in restrooms. Senator Craig was known for his anti-faggot voting, and had become a target for attack by blue suited faggots. Bob would be very surprised if these suspicions don’t have a lot of truth in them.

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Good quote

"Hillary tried to get a million dollars for the Woodstock museum. I understand it was a major cultural and pharmaceutical event. I couldn't attend. I was tied up at the time." - John McCain

[For you who may not remember, Sen. McCain was a guest at the "Hanoi Hilton" POW prion during the Woodstock festival. He and other American prisoners were enduring periodic torture.]

The major difference between Senator McCain and Senaor Hanoi Kerry is which Nation they became a war hero for.

Blue Gun Thug Terrorism Continues

In Liberty Lake, Washington, Mr. Jeffrey Ward was minding his own business, walking down East Appleway Avenue, when he was assaulted and then shot twice by the blue gun thug. His “crime” was minding his own business in a town called “Liberty.” After the assault and attempted murder, the blue gun thugs have “charged” Mr. Ward with “assaulting an officer.” Translated, that means that he was an unarmed man minding his own business walking down the street when blue gun thugs driving assault vehicles attacked him. There is no freedom in Liberty Lake, while their blue gun thugs are terrorizing citizens. Read Story You can send your comments to Liberty Lake Chief Blue Gun Thug Brian Asmus (509) 755-1141 Let him know that decent men don’t approve of his evil violent terrorism of the people.

In Beaver Village, Ohio, Josh and his wife Christina were “safe” at home putting their kids to bed when they were invaded, attacked, and badly beaten by the blue gun thugs. For no apparent reason blue gun thugs forced their way into the home and assaulted the couple, beating them with gun thug model Mag flashlights designed used as clubs. Both were left bleeding and injured. According to statements by the blue gun thugs, the peaceful couple had been mistaken for “liberals” from nearby Liberty University, otherwise known as Jerry Falwell U. In the twisted hate filled mind(?) of a blue gun thug, attending Liberty University fully justifies home invasion assault and beating of men, women, and children. Read Story Or read Another Blog You can contact Beaver Village Mayor Rocky Brown at, 7460 St Rt. 335, 740-226-2111

In Independence, Missouri, Ms. Evette Hays was driving with her children when she was surrounded and assaulted by blue gun thugs with their guns drawn. She was forced from he car and made to lie face down on I-70. It was another “routine” brutal assault of a citizen minding her own business. In an extensive interview with ABC News, the Chief blue gun thug refused to apologize for the brutal mistreatment by his gang of terrorists. Watch Video . Contact Independence, MO, Chief of Police Fred M. Mills 325.7271 325.7809

ABC and Police Chief Mills only thinks that the brutal assault on Ms. Hays was wrong because she was a pregnant woman. WRONG! A violent assault on any citizen is equally wrong. A violent assault on a young man is as bad as a violent assault on a woman, old man or child. Being a young man is not an excuse for evil terrorist gangs to assault and violently hurt you.

Wherever you live in the United States, from left coast to right coast and throughout the States inbetween, the blue suited terrorists are out there looking for an excuse to assault you, to terrorize you, to brutalize you, to beat you, and if they can to shoot you. Do not be fooled into thinking that only that other man over there is going to be assaulted because he is “bad.” When nothing exciting is happening the blue gun thugs will assault, beat, and shoot you for innocuous “crimes” such as walking down a public street or staying quietly in your own home. The evil in blue is the SS Gestapo of the new order in America. For the sake of freedom they need to be rounded up and impaled by angry mobs of decent citizens.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Police State oppression in California.

In Southern California residents are recovering from a devastating firestorm. Their loss is bad and a great emotional loss for many who have lost their homes. However their loss is being compounded by petty authorities who are taking advantage of the crisis to exercise petty power to control and abuse people. Hundreds of thousands of people are being kept from their homes long after the fires have been extinguished. There is no reasonable excuse to prevent a free man from returning to HIS home. Only the evil blue gun thug thirst for power to dominate and control, and the complacency of the public who have become pussy boys, allows a free people to be so badly abused by scum in blue suits. The blue suit scum are very jealous of public appreciation of the firemen who saved many of the homes in the fire area. In order to pretend that they are doing “something” about the fires they go into abuse mode to use every possible excuse to enforce their police state control of the public. The MEN of California ought to tell the blue suit scum to fuck off and then go back to their homes. Even MEN who’s homes burned have a right to return to survey their damage and start the process of cleaning up their land.

Bob has personal experience with a similar fire situation a few years ago. The blue gun thugs and National Guard troops cordoned off a large part of our town and prevented citizens from having access to our homes and land for more than a week after the fires had ended. The National Guard left only after Bob spoke with the Adjutant General of the National Guard and asked what authority he had, or would need, to wall of my city and keep me from my home. He admitted that he did not have the authority unless Marshal Law was officially declared, which it had not been. Within two hours after that conversation the National Guard troops had been called off of the barricades and the people were allowed to return to our homes and burned out lots.

The barricading of large parts of Southern California days after the fires are out is a CRIMINAL VIOLATION of the rights of a free people. It is being done to already suffering families by arrogant pigs abusing their petty power. They ought to be shot and run over by free MEN returning to their homes. Only a generation of pussy boys raised by women allows the men of California to be so badly abused.

Meanwhile the media is reporting that the blue gun thugs shot and killed a man whom they “thought” might be going to set another fire. While stopping someone from starting a fire is commendable, murdering someone who might set a fire in the future is nothing but cold blooded murder.

Once again, the blue gun thugs are the opposite of the protectors of the rights and freedoms of a free people. We all would be a lot more safe, even with fires, if they were rounded up and eliminated.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Females Flying Toward Disaster

A few years ago the US Navy bowed to feminism in Washington and allowed females to fly its combat airplanes. The Navy conducted an extensive training program for female pilots. But women are not as good at hand/eye coordination and accurate dynamic judgment in tight situations as men are. Some females are fairly good, but the best females are not as good as the best men. The difference showed up in the Navy’s flight simulators where pilots, jet jockeys, train. Neither are females as good at taking prompt decisive action in an emergency as men are. Females tend to freeze up, scream, stand there, and wait for a man to save them. That is the instinctive female reaction, but it is deadly when a female sits in the pilot's seat.

One of the most difficult feats of dangerous flying that any pilot is ever asked to do is to land a screaming jet on an aircraft carrier at sea. Even the largest aircraft carrier is still just a ship, not a two mile runway. The deck is constantly moving as the ship rises and falls in waves while it steams forward. Tricky winds swirl around as the ship breaks through the already disturbed surface level air. At almost 200 miles per hour the pilot has to hit a moving postage stamp so small that it could be measured by lengths of his airplane counted on your fingers. It is a feat of flying so difficult that the very best men can only just barely manage to accomplish it. Females aren’t as good as the best men.

Nevertheless the US Navy pressed on and allowed females to become authorized pilots. Never mind that the best females still “crashed” their planes in the flight simulators at an alarming rate. One female who was better than her sisters became the Navy’s poster girl for Affirmative Action combat pilots, Lieut. Kara S. Hultgreen. The program lasted a few years until their poster girl made a small mistake trying to land on a carrier. Her reflexes were a little slow. Her dynamic instincts a little off. She froze. She crashed her plane, killing herself, destroying billion dollar plane, and endangering the deck crew of the carrier. After several years of trying to integrate females into its combat pilot programs, after years of obvious evidence that females just don’t have equal physical skill, and after the death of their poster girl pilot, the US Navy gave up it’s program. To fly at the critical edge of human skill needed to safely fly the usual Navy flight missions, a female just isn’t good enough. The difference in physical skill lowers females to not good enough. Read Story

Despite decades of knowledge that females are not as good in critical flying situations, NASA plays feminist politics rather than watch over the safety of the Space Shuttle. NASA allows and promotes females to command the Space Shuttle. Space Shuttle mission 120 is commanded by spacecunt Pamela A. Melroy. Read Story NASA Link

NASA has gotten away with it so far because computers on the Space Shuttle do most of the actual flying. The computer flies the whole launch (unless something goes wrong). Most of the time Space Shuttle flying involves slow motion corrections in space, a roll over, a slow motion docking (unless something goes wrong). The landing is also mostly flown by the computers (unless something goes wrong.) So most of the time NASA will get away with the less competent female, until something goes wrong with the computer or other systems. And that’s really the reason to have a flight crew on the Space Shuttle. The job of the commander is to be a highly skilled human pilot who can take over and save the shuttle and crew when something goes wrong with the computers.

In times of crisis females freeze up, they stand (or sit) there and scream. Where men take immediate decisive action to save the day, a female is not biologically equipped to handle such real life emergencies.

NASA has a long history of disasters that should never have happened. Incompetence, stupidity, and political decisions at NASA have overruled cold science, and cost the lives of many of America’s best men. Today, NASA is risking the lives of another Space Shuttle crew and another of our scarce space program resources for political PC feminism. Once again NASA management has failed. NASA Administrator Michael Griffin is the head officer who panders to femiNazi instead of focusing on the safety of the Space Shuttle and its crew. He ought to be summarily fired and replaced by a MAN who will get the job done without risking it all for political correctness. Shame, shame, shame on Mr. Griffin and the rest of his feminist staff. Space Shuttle flight 120 is a disaster waiting to happen because of failed management.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Louisiana Learns from Disaster

In the days after Hurricane Katrina, what, we asked, was the Governess of Louisiana doing to help New Orleans? She was doing what every pussy does in a time of crisis, she stood there and cried. She has no balls, and was unable to act in an emergency of that nature. When people elect politically correct female Governesses they are ignoring the real job of Governor is to take charge and act with authority and responsibility, and to do whatever is necessary in emergency situations. Governess Kathleen Babineaux Blanco is a pussy with no balls. She cried. Alabama and Mississippi governors called out their National Guards to assist local police forces and residents. Governess Kathleen Babineaux Blanco cried. The people of New Orleans were starving, dying in the streets, desperate for food and water, and Governess Kathleen Babineaux Blanco cried. Desperate starving people of New Orleans took to lawlessness and looting, and Governess Kuntleen Babineaux Blanco cried. Read Stand There and Cry from The Truth According to Bob, September 03, 2005.

The people of Louisiana have learned from their disaster. This week they elected a MAN to replace Ms. Kunt Babineaux Blanco. Republican Bobby Jindal has won the Louisiana Governor's race. Jindal secured 444,550 votes or 53 percent. Congratulations to the people of Louisiana. You have learned from your trials that a cunt who can only stand there and cry is not someone you can trust to be your Governor. When the chips are down, when the disaster strikes, when an emergency happens you now have a MAN you can count on. Congratulations on your election.

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To the blue gun thugs who read The World According to Bob, I'm glad you are pissed off. I expect that you don't have the mental capacity of swine. Your pathetic attempts at comments are sometimes published for laughs and public education.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Failure after Failure

A year ago Bob wrote about the faulty design and construction of the electric power distribution system in the US, a system that is DESIGNED TO FAIL. Last year in Seattle 50 people died while living without electricity. Some froze to death and some died of carbon monoxide trying to cook or stay warm from fuel fired heat sources. Our whole society is dependent on our electric appliances. Our heating systems won’t work without electricity, not even our oil or gas fueled furnaces. We have come to think of our electricity as always there, but the whole system is poorly designed and very shoddy construction. It is designed to fail, and to kill people when it fails.

After two million people in Seattle suffered through a winter blizzard without electricity last year, and watched in horror as 50 people died, one might think that there would be a public demand for improvements in the electric distribution system. One might think that the public might demand that the very shaky and unstable electric system be made more robust, be designed to survive a modest storm. But nothing has been done.

According to this week’s news, the Seattle area experienced its first storm of this year and 280,000 people are without electric service. The totally crap power grid failed again when the first autumn wind blew. It holds up in the summer, in nice weather, when our comfort and our very lives are not at risk. But its designed to fail and fall down with the first autumn wind that blows. Read story The bungling idiots at Seattle City Light, Puget Sound Power, and other greedy money grabbing incompetents ought to be summarily fired for malfeasance of their responsibility as design engineers, and the management of those firms should be held criminally liable for dereliction of their responsibility to the public.

Seattle, of course, is not unique. The electric grid all across America is built much the same. In the Southeastern US this week there are also several areas where the electric grid has failed.

We are not talking about extreme conditions such as the center of a tornado. Such extreme conditions affect only a small area, though that area is subjected to extreme violence. Some buildings such as schools in tornado alley must be designed to withstand even the most extreme storms and to protect children housed inside. Failure to design adequate storm resistant schools is criminal malicious malfeasance of design responsibility. The electric grid could be excused for failure during a limited area extreme storm such as a tornado where the surrounding area is not affected. It can be quickly restored to buildings in the small affected area. That does not excuse an electric grid that fails during normal expected weather conditions such as annual wind, rain, and snow storms. Allowing such a necessary part of modern life to be hung on a shoestring and vulnerable in the face of normal expected weather is unconscionable.

We need to wake up people. We can not accept such horrible shoddy design and construction of such an important part of our lives. The reason it’s built so cheaply is because the utility owners are getting rich on the money that should be spent to construct a decent reliable system. There is no excuse for it, and we ought not accept it. Our necessary utilities are designed to fail That is not acceptable.

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Filthy Mexicans Contaminate Our Food

You may have noticed a significant increase in the number of food products that have been contaminated with E-coli bacteria lately. That's a polite way of saying that you're eating shit with your food. California spinach and lettuce was recalled, and blamed on “natural” fertilizers. A parade of meat products have been contaminated with E-coli and been recalled. One meat packing company went bankrupt a few weeks ago when its products were found to be contaminated. See map

The government is, of course, being politically correct and hides the truth about our failing food supply. USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection service representative Dr. David Goldman lies, “We don’t know why we’re seeing this blip.” Sure they know, but they won’t tell you. It’s not politically correct to mention the truth. According to our government, it’s better to lie while Americans die. Read Story

Bob is not politically correct. Bob will tell you the truth, so here it is. Filthy illegal Mexicans have taken over our food industry. They have brought their unsanitary lives and filthy hands into our food. While American workers wipe our ass after taking a shit, and then wash our hands, a filthy Mexican doesn’t do either. Her shit is on her clothing and her hands as she picks our lettuce, packages our spinaches, and cuts our meat. Filthy Mexicans with shit on their clothing flip our burgers and handle our groceries. E-coli (shit bacteria) is spread all over our food as it goes through its processing.

Illegal Mexican workers will work for lower wages than good American workers. Often they live like rats in small apartments with very poor sanitation. Most of them come from Mexican slums where American quality sanitation is not even dreamed of and not understood. They don’t understand that baths and clean clothing are important and hand washing is essential for public health. They live like rats in cockroach infested rooms with cooking grease on the walls and filth on the floor where they sleep, and then they go to work in our food processing industry.

Americans who are concerned about our health and the health of our nation will not tolerate a government that lies to the people and welcomes filthy illegal Mexicans to take over our food supply. Bob has previously written about how Mexican loving Bush and his wetback Attorney General sold out America, with the encouragement of the whole Democratic (treason) party. For our own health and the health of our families we must demand that our government stop the ruination of America and American culture. Our very lives are being risked. Contaminated food is on your dinner table today. How many filthy Mexican handled dinners will you eat before you demand that the illegal aliens are sent home and our industries returned to the hands of decent American workers.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Drug Resistant Death

A new horror is creeping quietly into our nation. This year it will kill more people than AIDS. It is a new horror created by Dr. Frankenstein in his quest to extract all the money from people before we die. It is called “drug resistant staph infection.” For years the medical busine$$ has known that they were breeding drug resistant germs in their hospitals. In California, restaurants are inspected for cleanliness every year, but hospitals are only inspected every 3 years. Germs are distributed around hospital rooms by various means including physical contact by patients, coughing and sneezing, and movement of materials. Small quantities of various antibiotics are also spread throughout the atmosphere in hospitals, and the germs are selected for survival by their resistance to minute quantities of antibiotics.

The medical industrial complex has been working on these resistant germs for years. Three decades ago a strong healthy man in the town where I lived went to his doctor’s office for a “routine” checkup. At the office he contacted a fast acting and drug resistant strain of germs. Over the next month he spent 2 weeks in ICU on the verge of death, and finally went home emaciated shadow of his former self, weighing just over half his former robust body. And then they send you the bill for all the “medical” treatment they use in hopes that you won’t die from the infection that they created and gave you. Despite common knowledge of preventative procedures many doctors and most nurses don’t even bother to wash their hands as they go from patient to patient.

My son’s roommate contacted drug resistant staph during a minor medical “procedure.’ He brought the infection home and it spread around the house, finding a break in my sons skin. My son had a hole as wide as a quarter and almost an inch deep in his arm before it was stopped by extremely aggressive and dangerous new drugs. His roommate had several body damaging infection sites before it was halted. And they were both lucky. Thousands of Americans are dying of hospital created staph infections every year. The medical business is killing an estimated 18,650 Americans every year, and a hundred thousand more are suffering severe and debilitating injuries. Read story

According to recent data over 80% of these infections are in people who either are currently in hospitals or recently were in hospitals and clinics. Most of the remainder are people like my son who caught the infection from someone who was recently in a hospital situation and has spread the infection around. The spreading of the antibiotic resistant staph is likely to become a huge epidemic in the next few years. The medical business will use it as an excuse to bill hundreds of thousands of infected people for the cost of treatments which are caused by the medical business. Creating a massive deadly infection and epidemic will create more windfall profits for the medical industrial complex. They “win” by killing people.

It has gotten so bad that wise men now refuse to go near hospitals or clinics where they distribute these infections. It is a severe risk to get near one. Only if your life is otherwise threatened should a wise man even consider getting close to one of their hospitals. They are killing more Americans than AIDS.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reduced to “Sperm Donor”

Fathers in Seminole County, FL, have been reduced to “nothing but a sperm donor,” according to an evil agent of Satan in the black robes of hell. The evil agent of Satan in black robes of hell from Jacksonville sided with a surrogate mother, ruling Wednesday that father Tom Lamitina is nothing more than a sperm donor, WESH 2 News

The ruling of the feminazi court violates the fundamental human rights of children to know both parents, and accepts the vile feminazi myth that fathers are nothing but sperm donors, only motherhood matters. It is a very sorry day for the men of Florida. Bob has to wonder why such vile scum are allowed to live among decent human beings. We notice that WESH News won’t name the agent of Satan in black robes of hell, protecting her from community action.

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Black racism creating Race War

In Cleveland, Asa H. Coon, a young white student was repeatedly beaten and abused by teacher approved black gangs. On Monday of this week he was attacked and beaten twice by black students, with the tacit approval of school administration. He got suspended by the racist black principal, not the violent black racist gangs. On Wednesday he returned to the school. While coming out of a restroom another black racist bully Michael Peek punched him in the face, and that was the last straw for the abused, bullied, and often beaten young man. Mr. Coon pulled out his gun and shot the violent bully. Then he shot a few other black racist bullies who had beaten him over the past few weeks, including the black racist teachers who had supported the racism and racist beatings which were so common at that racist school. Read Story Principal Johneita Durant and her staff of black racist teachers are primarily responsible for creating an atmosphere of racist hate and beatings which finally resulted in a white man fighting back. They ought to be rounded up and hung.

The national media is saying almost nothing about the black racism, and NBC is saying that racism was not involved. To the racist media, black anti-white racism is “not racist,“ no matter how many white kids are attacked and beaten. They say that the blue gun thugs are “investigating” to find out why the young white man shot back. To find the real story you have to watch the pictures and little pieces of interviews that the TV people show. Immediately after the shooting CNN accidentally showed a black student who mentioned that Mr. Coon had been attacked and beaten twice on Monday and had told them that he would return. CNN has subsequently cut off the interview and all references to anti-white racism and hate that was the norm at the racist school.

Meanwhile, at Columbia University there is Madonna Constantine is a “Professor” of black racism, hired to teach black racism and spread anti-white hate on campus. Someone who objected to her black racist hate mongering hung a noose on her door, and all the black racist bigots on campus are having a hissy fit. Anti-white racist university President Lee C. Bollinger said, “This is an assault on African Americans and therefore it is an assault on every one of us." He’s been paying Ms. Constantine to preach anti-white racism for years, to teach hate, and SURPRISE, they have created racial strife on their campus. One could see the black racism abundantly clear in the TV videos shown of racist demonstrators on the campus yesterday. Read story Lee C. Boffinger and his hate professor Constantine should both be fired to begin restoring peace and tolerance on that campus.

At Durham NC, the Duke University continues to employ the HATE 88 who profess racist and sexist hate on their campus and created the climate of racial sexist hate which resulted last year in the false rape accusation of white men on it’s own Lacross team. Duke University President Butthead has made no moves to change the atmosphere of hate he pumps out daily under the guise of education.

In Jena, La black racists demonstrate against the criminal prosecution of black racist gangs who attack and beat up white students, and all the usual racist media twists their reporting to make the violent black racist gangs into “victims.”

Backed by the anti-white racist media and taught in schools and universities all across our land, black racism is working hard to start a race war. Hate whitey is their day after day mantra. It’s not just Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who are spreading black racist anti-white hate. It’s endemic in many of our social institutions, especially our schools and universities.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blue Gun Thug KILLS SIX

BREAKING NEWS: In Crandon, Wisconsin, blue gun thug Tyler Peterson, perhaps bored with just robbing motorists, started shooting and killed six people. His boss, Gun Thug Keith Van Cleve said the shooting young people at a pizza party was not part of Peterson's official duties.

Read Story

Read USAToday article

On average, the blue gun thugs cause a lot more death and destruction than they save. The average person would be a whole lot better off without them.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A loss for all men!

In NYC a sniveling bitch has been handed millions of a man’s bucks by claiming that she was “harassed” at work. Headlines claim her sexist lawsuit was “a victory for all women” which translates as a loss for all men. Read story

It has long been known that hiring a sniveling bitch is a serious financial risk for employers. Major employers have to budget millions of dollars every year to settle “women’s rights” lawsuits. Despite feminazi claims that women are “better at relationships” than men, in workplaces it seems that women are completely unable to maintain normal work relationships without special legal protections. The incompetence of women at relationships, and their special protected status at work was cast into law several decades ago. Most of the time employers just settle out of court, paying off greedy females who allege “harassment” which could be anything they “feel” that it is. In fact the “legal” definition of “harassment” is “what she feels is harassment. The State of New Mexico, for example, budgets several million dollars per year for settling “harassment” complaints. It’s part of the real (hidden) wages that women earn over men, and the real cost to employers of hiring a female.

When evil fembitch Anucha Browne decided that she had a chance of pocketing millions from the NY Knicks, they hired lawyers to fight her claim instead of quietly paying for her greed. Unfortunately for men, the NY courts are agents of feminiazi greed. They awarded Ms. Browne $11.6 million for the “pain” of suffering greed and “feeling” harassed at Madison Square Garden. Ms. Browne has been making the rounds of all the morning talk shows claming “a victory for all women.”

The other side of a victory for women is, of course a loss for all men. Men have been working in a hostile work environment for several decades since the “harassment” laws were passed. In the office where Bob worked the men were afraid to speak in the vicinity of the females for fear of losing our jobs if any female decided that she “feels” harassed. A US Army concluded that men in uniform are so fearful of being falsely accused of “harassment” that they avoid talking near the new female “soldiers.” According to the US Army study, the lack of communications due to “harassment” fears has compromised combat effectiveness. In other jobs the real fear that men now work under also significantly lowers job efficiency. Any employer is a damn fool to hire a female and be forever subject to paying millions if she has a hissy fit and “feels” harassed.

Once hired, females won’t work, you can’t fire them, and they are a huge financial risk.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cost of Illegal aliens

Los Angeles County has completed its study of the cost of illegal aliens. Read Story

According to their study, the annual cost of illegal aliens paid by American taxpayers just for Los Angeles County exceeds ONE BILLION DOLLARS per year. And that cost does not include the education cost to school systems -- probably another billion dollars in Los Angeles County.

How can any American taxpayer continue to support pro-illegal legislators, mayors, town council representatives, etc., when these horrible costs are billed to our wallets? These listed costs are only the direct billed costs. They do not include huge increases in the cost of housing, driven up by the demand for millions of housing units, or the cost of every other consumer product driven up by the demand from twenty million illegal aliens.

When it costs a billion dollars in ONLY ONE COUNTY, and there are thousands of counties across America with similar costs, isn’t it time to declare war on these criminal illegal aliens who are robbing us blind? Isn’t it time to declare war on the criminal politicians who would rather waste our money to buy votes from illegals because they know that Americans aren’t willing to toss the bastards out of their offices?

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